Friday, November 25, 2005

Last night (she said)

(listening to: Pearl Jam - MAsters of War)

After an absence of about 3 months, I finally went out with my friends Karen, Jeni and Turkey last night. I love them to bits, and, if they read this, I am so sorry I haven't been out in so long, I have no good excuse. I was just........low. But, enough of that! :)

We met at Wetherspoons, where Turkey spilt his drink over Jeni, lol. We then braved the weather, and crossed the bridge to get to McNultys. We sat upstairs at Spice for about half an hour before getting majorly bored (it was empty....and I don't care for dance music anyway). So, armed with the idea that Ramparts had karaoke on, we walked thru the hale get there.




No Karaoke. Just a DJ. Admitting defeat, we stayed there, and played "i've never" which revealed some hidden secrets, lol. When we finally got kicked out, Jeni, Turkey and I had to stand in full on hale for 20 minutes waiting for the taxi! (i think me and Turkey were dancing......though I think its better forgotten)

And the best think bout the night: no one left pissed! Brilliant!


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