Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Whedon Forward

Now usually, I don't care for forwards, but this one was written by Joss Whedon (creator of Firefly, Buffy, Angel) so, it must be done!


1) What do you wish you'd invented? (for coolness and/or changing-the-world factor, not the patent. If it was about the patent money, my answer would be "stairs".)

2) Take two movies and meld them into the ultimate movie -- or the weirdest, it's all good. Superman and the borrowers: the worlds strongest superhero, and he's 2 inchs high

3) Very earliest memory. Putting a ghostbusters video into video machine. the opening scene in which the librarian screams. she screams, i scream, run upstairs and fall asleep!

4) Most remarkable thing you've ever eaten. Baked Alaska

5) Hillary Clinton. Does she have a shot? SHOULD she have a shot? American politics = snooze time (unless its a good bit of Bush bashing)

6) Name something about you you have actively changed, or are trying to. The amount of crap i eat. Helped me lose a stone over summer (that, on top of the long working hours and heartbreak)

7) Does Opera matter? Rock opera's, yes

8) Recommend a book. Join Me by Danny Wallace

9) If there ever was a female James Bond, who should play it? There is, and she's called Jennifer Garner :P

10) With the obvious exception of Morgan Freeman's voiceovers, what's the most soothing sound in the world to you? Michael Clarke Duncans voice (cue shouts of "gay!")

11) A time someone surprised you. First time I saw Ewan smoking.

12) Your dumbest childhood fear. People

13) Do you believe humankind is in ascension or decline? decline

14) 10 friends. One week. Anywhere in the world. Where ya bringing us? (notice how I wormed in there? Awesome!) London!

15) If you were actually asked to run your government, would you? I'd try my best

16) What song do you HAVE to dance to? Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the waves

17) Name a mentor. Can't think of one :S

18) Porn. Good, evil, or indifferent? Evil. Ya pervs, lol

19) Are you a procrastinator? If so, what's your usual method? (Answer this when you can get to it.) Wow, i'm terrible for it.

20) Does your life have a purpose? Survival, mainly. That, and looking forward to the next.

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