Monday, November 21, 2005

Franz Ferdinand

(listening to Head Automatica - Brooklyn is Burning)

Franz Ferdinand Concert at the Odyssey was awesome! Had to work beforehand, but met up with Amy after, and we got the train up. We were 3 from the front! Rather annoyingly, a (thinks of nice word, but fails) fat couple pushed their way in front of a load of people. Grr to them! We met someone that looked like our good friend Jonny Graham!

The first support band was The Rakes. We'd both heard their 22 Grand Job single before, and weren't expecting much, but they put on a good show nevertheless (singer being a crazy dancer!) And some guy appeared at the side of the stage who was the twin of the Razorlight singer.

Next up was The editors (which, though i wanted to see, i still wished we didn't have to endure 2 support acts) I'd heard their "bullets" single, so was expecting goodness, and it was delivered! Their set flew in, but was awesome. (Amy and i argued over who the singer made eye contact with. it was so obviously me, i mean come on! lol)

Finally: FRANZ!!!!!!!

Amazing set. I'd seen them play at Tennents Vital in August, so knew they would put on a good show. And they did! They all came out wearing their "trademark" smart shirts (except the drummer, who looked like he had just turned up for practice, wearing t shirt and jeans!)
For the 2nd last song, two tour musicians came out and played the drums along with the drummer! Brilliant!

So, today, I went to get the photos developed, and only 3 came out! GAH! (Waste of £7!!!!) Oh well, i have my memories.......


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