Thursday, November 10, 2005

My First Blog (or, how to jump on the bandwagon)

(listening to: Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue)

Greetings! As seems to be the fashion among peoples in their late teens to mid-to late twenties, I've decided to start writing my own blog (because, you know, bandwagon jumping is fun, and you all want to read what I have to say.......) So, expect to read about my daily exploits (when I can be bothered) my rants (my opinions, which, obviously, you must agree with) and, being me, expect my Top 5/10 lists (ranging from music to flowers, and all inbetween)

So, first blog: the reason for the picture.

Well, I got my hair cut last week, so thought I'd take a photo (not because I'm vain, but to serve as an msn conversation starter: "hey, look at my new hair!". Actually, yes, it is vanity)

But, as you may have noticed, the mirror in the background is it a very strange angle. This is because the only way I could get the camera to sit was at a slant, thus, I had to slouch in a bizarre fashion that makes me look like I'm standing straight up. Nifty, eh?

So, until I have something more interesting to say, I bid you adieu


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Jonny Graham said...

haha..... uve only just started today and already uve been spammed