Thursday, November 24, 2005

how to get ahead in advertising

(listening to: Man Over Bored - Fat Head)

Man Over Bored. Simply put, they freaking rock. My brother Ethan (that handsom ecreature pictured above) is the drummer. If you like your old school punk, then check these guys out. They may be young, but they could probably give any mature band a run for their money.
You can check them out here:

[now, the photo: from a Moving Image Project back in my Dalriada days. We had to make a 30 second comercial, so I chose a ficticious drink called Spite. The idea of the ad was that a leprechaun (played by Ethan, 6 foot 2) gave a crap band (played by Do Not Adjust) a drink that made them play well. "Spite Brightens up your day" ]



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