Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Scabaholics Anonymous: Day 1

To know Robin is to know that he is a scab. Its true. I own Student discount cards for both HMV and Virgin, I collect my Nectar Points, I buy Sainsburys Basics goods, I use coupons whenever possible, I will buy one to get one free. I'm a scab, a skinflint, a tight wad, a cheapskate.

Whilst at Lize's one weekend, boredom lead me to read the small print on her Original Sources shampoo bottle. It stated that if one would like a free sample, to go to their website and register for one. So I did.

And today it came.

I used it in the shower this morning, and have to say, I was impressed. It was very invigorating, and woke me up. I'll definitely (at least consider) buy it next time I need body wash.

This gave me an idea. I'm a scab. We've established such already. And if this company is willing to give out free samples of their products, maybe others will be to! To Google!

After a search for anything "free", I signed up for as much as I could. I didn't care what it was, as long as it was free.

The results?

To be continued........

Now where did THAT come from?

Today, Ethan arrived over to visit/go see Norma Jean and He Is Legend.

Set off at about 9.30 to pick him up from Gatwick. Due to the snow through the night, many trains were running slow, or cancelled. By the time we got back to Elmstead woods, we were starving, so headed to Bromley for food.

On returning to Uni we literally had time to get in, drop off bags, then head into London for the gig.

The first act was The Showdown. Textbook metal. But a bit of a guilty pleasure. Synchronised hair flailing about. The guitarist even had "METAL" tattooed up his arm. Nuff said.

Soon after, we had Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. Probably the most fun band of the night. Eating Doritos and passing them into the crowd.

He is Legend came on stage to a very sinister sounding tune, and Schyular emerged resembling an elongated gypsy. Stalking across the stage like a slow moving spider, he was pretty mesmerising.

Their set was really tight. The only disappointment being the inclusion of only one song off I Am Hollywood.Norma Jean came on to a video of two girls buried to their waists in a forest, both blind folded, each armed with a weapon (shot gun, bow and arrow). We stayed for 2 songs, which, I have to say, were good. Their just not my cup o tea.

And with that, we headed home.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday in London

So, I missed class on Friday.........

But it wasn't my fault!

The trains to Euston were cancelled on Thursday night because of the severe winds. Thus, we had to get a train down on Friday morning.

(the result of missing class was losing chane to get directors jo on news programme assignment: doh!)


On Sunday, we headed into London for a bit of sight seeing/shopping, starting at Covent Garden.

For lunch, we stopped in at Ed's Diner.

After a very filling meal, we walked to Trafalgar Square, via Leicester Square. Had we stayed, we would have caught the stars arriving for the Dreamgirls premier. I missed Beyonce?
What a shame.........

At Trafalgar Square, we did the very touristy thing of climbing the lions and snapping pics.

After a quick walk across the jubilee bridge, we headed back to Uni.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Back to Uni/Up to Stoke!!!!!

After a day of travelling, I returned to uni on Saturday 13th at around 9pm. Starving, and suffering form an empty fridge, I ordered a pizza and fell asleep. The next couple of days a a bit of a haze. Apart from this pic.


Having looked at my timetable last week, I saw that I had Wednesday and Thursday off. I was going to see Lize on Thursday night anyway, but, I had the chance, so I took it and got a train up to see her on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, the girls went house hunting for next year. Having looked at a few properties, they decided very quickly which to go for. Deposits paid, the girls have successfully reserved accommodation for the next two years. Lize is sharing with Shell and Raj: cool.

To celebrate the girls decided to hit gobble. Still exhausted from what seemed non stop travel, I stayed in, to get a little sleep.

A few hours later, Lize returned, and cuddled and cried for a while (drink=evil). Then, shot up when she heard Raj and Shell return.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Kerrang Tour 2007

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It's 3am, and I can't sleep. Still buzzing from what was an amazing night!

Yesterday evening, I made the trek to Belfast with Ethan and Ewen to see the Kerrang 2007 Tour. After a reasonable short wait in the cold, we were in!

No sooner had we entered the venue, than the night's first act began: I Am Ghost. Good opening act, but got very little response from the crowd (it seems Ethan was one of about four people who knew lyrics to any of the songs)

Highlight: A rather embarrassing moment being the singer asking the crowd how they were doing, to no response. Ouch.

Next up, we had The Audition. To be honest, i didn't really listen to them. Though 2 observations: the singer is a giant, and the guitarist with the 'fro echoed Screech of Saved by the Bell.

Highlight: The singer stage diving, onto what was possibly a bunch of 13 year old girls, and going straight to the ground.

Now, the moment I had been eagerly awaiting all night. The mother f*****g Bronx!

Opening with Small Stone, the mood was set right away. After only the first song, Matt was already down, leaning into the crowd. Seconds later, he was crowd surfing, screaming every word perfectly.

After returning to the stage, and spouting the usual "we're glad to be here/always wanted to come to [insert place name here]" that every band repeats night after night at every show, you can't help but believe he means every word.

Immediately after, Matt has jumped over the railings, and is singing away, whilst being pushed and pulled in every direction by the crowd. He announces that The Bronx is not just the band, but the crowd is part of it. "We're normal guys just like you". Matt is the most down to earth front man I have yet to see perform. It feels like watching a good mate.

Back on stage, and lurching about like a crazed gorilla, the energy coming from this band is intense. It's evident from the reaction they receive from the crowd (whom I am pretty certain hadn't heard too much about them before tonight: most people seem to be there for Biffy Clyro) that The Bronx are going to last. With all due respect to I Am Ghost and The Audition, they're music is very flash in the pan. The Bronx display that rock will never die.

For History's Stranglers, Matt is back down in front of the crowd. During the last chorus we are forehead to forehead, screaming the words at each other.

They close with a "song they don't play very often" Around the Horn. I let out a loud shout. It's my favourite track of the new album. As they leave Ethan catches Jorma's drumstick, and a nab the setlist.

After the madness, we head to the merch stand and pick up a couple of t-shirts, then upstairs for a drink. We are all grinning like Chesire Cats from the "audio and visual overload" we have just witnessed.

Heading back downstairs to catch some of the Biffy set, we meet Matt, and get some photos taken.

It's now 4.16am, and i am past tired. Tonight was the best gig I have attended in all my years of gigging. I hope to catch The Bronx again on their support tour with Rise Against this May, and will definitely catch them next time they headline.

The Bronx - Around the Horn

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