Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday in London

So, I missed class on Friday.........

But it wasn't my fault!

The trains to Euston were cancelled on Thursday night because of the severe winds. Thus, we had to get a train down on Friday morning.

(the result of missing class was losing chane to get directors jo on news programme assignment: doh!)


On Sunday, we headed into London for a bit of sight seeing/shopping, starting at Covent Garden.

For lunch, we stopped in at Ed's Diner.

After a very filling meal, we walked to Trafalgar Square, via Leicester Square. Had we stayed, we would have caught the stars arriving for the Dreamgirls premier. I missed Beyonce?
What a shame.........

At Trafalgar Square, we did the very touristy thing of climbing the lions and snapping pics.

After a quick walk across the jubilee bridge, we headed back to Uni.

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