Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Now where did THAT come from?

Today, Ethan arrived over to visit/go see Norma Jean and He Is Legend.

Set off at about 9.30 to pick him up from Gatwick. Due to the snow through the night, many trains were running slow, or cancelled. By the time we got back to Elmstead woods, we were starving, so headed to Bromley for food.

On returning to Uni we literally had time to get in, drop off bags, then head into London for the gig.

The first act was The Showdown. Textbook metal. But a bit of a guilty pleasure. Synchronised hair flailing about. The guitarist even had "METAL" tattooed up his arm. Nuff said.

Soon after, we had Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. Probably the most fun band of the night. Eating Doritos and passing them into the crowd.

He is Legend came on stage to a very sinister sounding tune, and Schyular emerged resembling an elongated gypsy. Stalking across the stage like a slow moving spider, he was pretty mesmerising.

Their set was really tight. The only disappointment being the inclusion of only one song off I Am Hollywood.Norma Jean came on to a video of two girls buried to their waists in a forest, both blind folded, each armed with a weapon (shot gun, bow and arrow). We stayed for 2 songs, which, I have to say, were good. Their just not my cup o tea.

And with that, we headed home.

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