Friday, November 25, 2005

Last night (she said)

(listening to: Pearl Jam - MAsters of War)

After an absence of about 3 months, I finally went out with my friends Karen, Jeni and Turkey last night. I love them to bits, and, if they read this, I am so sorry I haven't been out in so long, I have no good excuse. I was just........low. But, enough of that! :)

We met at Wetherspoons, where Turkey spilt his drink over Jeni, lol. We then braved the weather, and crossed the bridge to get to McNultys. We sat upstairs at Spice for about half an hour before getting majorly bored (it was empty....and I don't care for dance music anyway). So, armed with the idea that Ramparts had karaoke on, we walked thru the hale get there.




No Karaoke. Just a DJ. Admitting defeat, we stayed there, and played "i've never" which revealed some hidden secrets, lol. When we finally got kicked out, Jeni, Turkey and I had to stand in full on hale for 20 minutes waiting for the taxi! (i think me and Turkey were dancing......though I think its better forgotten)

And the best think bout the night: no one left pissed! Brilliant!


Thursday, November 24, 2005

how to get ahead in advertising

(listening to: Man Over Bored - Fat Head)

Man Over Bored. Simply put, they freaking rock. My brother Ethan (that handsom ecreature pictured above) is the drummer. If you like your old school punk, then check these guys out. They may be young, but they could probably give any mature band a run for their money.
You can check them out here:

[now, the photo: from a Moving Image Project back in my Dalriada days. We had to make a 30 second comercial, so I chose a ficticious drink called Spite. The idea of the ad was that a leprechaun (played by Ethan, 6 foot 2) gave a crap band (played by Do Not Adjust) a drink that made them play well. "Spite Brightens up your day" ]



Monday, November 21, 2005

Franz Ferdinand

(listening to Head Automatica - Brooklyn is Burning)

Franz Ferdinand Concert at the Odyssey was awesome! Had to work beforehand, but met up with Amy after, and we got the train up. We were 3 from the front! Rather annoyingly, a (thinks of nice word, but fails) fat couple pushed their way in front of a load of people. Grr to them! We met someone that looked like our good friend Jonny Graham!

The first support band was The Rakes. We'd both heard their 22 Grand Job single before, and weren't expecting much, but they put on a good show nevertheless (singer being a crazy dancer!) And some guy appeared at the side of the stage who was the twin of the Razorlight singer.

Next up was The editors (which, though i wanted to see, i still wished we didn't have to endure 2 support acts) I'd heard their "bullets" single, so was expecting goodness, and it was delivered! Their set flew in, but was awesome. (Amy and i argued over who the singer made eye contact with. it was so obviously me, i mean come on! lol)

Finally: FRANZ!!!!!!!

Amazing set. I'd seen them play at Tennents Vital in August, so knew they would put on a good show. And they did! They all came out wearing their "trademark" smart shirts (except the drummer, who looked like he had just turned up for practice, wearing t shirt and jeans!)
For the 2nd last song, two tour musicians came out and played the drums along with the drummer! Brilliant!

So, today, I went to get the photos developed, and only 3 came out! GAH! (Waste of £7!!!!) Oh well, i have my memories.......


Monday, November 14, 2005

Things that bug me

Shrink wrap on CD and DVD cases

How schziophrenics are usually represented in the media as psychos

On a similar note, people who think that having screen names, buddy icons, display pics, tshirts, or slogans saying, for example "you're just jealous bcasue the voices are talking to me and not you". is Funny or cool. Not funny, not cool, just plain moronic (and having a relative with Schizophrenia, it really pisses me off)



Labels (see what i did there?)

Support bands that go on for too long

More than one support band at a concert

Mini moshers

Dizzee Rascal

The fact that Rob Liefeld still draws comics

Cradle of filth: i mean seriously, wtf?

How the hell Dubya got re-elected

People who can't get over Kurt Cobain. He's dead, deal with it


Plot holes


The last part of Superman: The Movie (flying round the world to go back in time? oy vey)

Batman and Robin (apart from the Smashing Pumpkins song on the soundtrack)

Needless Sequels

The Catholic/Protestant dispute: if both sides clain to believe in Jesus, then why not love thy neighbour?

Ppl who rite lyk dis. OMG! OMFG! R U 4 REAL? lol!

Lists Like this

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Seriously, enough!

How often do you get a forward with questions about your life? Too frigging often in my case. Therefore, here are my answers in the hope that I never get sent another one!

1. Name: Robin Johnston Harman
2. Nickname: None at present (although at one time "Hector", for unknown reasons)
3. Eyes: Blue
4. Height: 6ft
5. Hair: hard to describe. blondish
6. Siblings: 1 bro, 1 sis
7. Do You like to sing in the shower? Yes
8. Birthday: 5th February 1987
9. Star Sign: Aquarius
10. Religion: Christian
11. Male/Female: Male
12. Righty or lefty: Righty
13. What's the most important thing that every relationship should have: love, trust, and laughter
14. What Type of music do you prefer? All sorts. Jazz is a biggy (though I own no Jazz records)
15. Maritial Status: single
16. Do you have a car? nope
17. What kind of car do you want? One that moves, preferably (or an old Cadillac)

18. Movie: High Fidelity, Shaun if the Dead
19. Song: "In the club or at home?" New Radicals - You Get What You Give
20. Band/singer? The Smashing Pumpkins
21. TV Show: Scrubs and 24
22. Actor: Zach Braff
23. Actress: Elisha Cuthbert
24. Number: googolplex
25. Cartoon Character:Cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents
26. Disney Character: Donald Duck
27. Colour: Red

28. Do you plan on having children? Possibly
29. Do you want to get married? are you proposing? (yes)
30. How old do you want to be when you get married? Mid to late 20's
31. Would you have kids before marriage? Nope
32. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend (delete as appropriate)? no :(

33. Music/TV : Music
34. Guys/Girls: Girls
35. Green/Blue: Blue
36: Pink/purple: Pink
37. Summer/ Winter: Winter
38. Night/day: day
39. Hangin out/chillin: chillin
40. Dopey/funny: Funny
41: Where do you live: a house (Articlave)
42:Have you ever taken drugs: only those prescribed to me
43. What is a major turn on for you? Beautiful eyes either really bright, or really dark
44. You're favourite food: Pizza Pomodoro's Pizza Americana
45. Where would you most like to live in the world? London or Canada
46. Which 5 people do you trust the most? My mum, Ethan, Chazz, Amy and Lorraine
47. What do you think of soul mates? Sounds cool
48. Is it right to flirt if you have a bf/gf? dunno
49. What was the last thing you cried over? I can't remember (or don't want to :S)
50. What thing about girls don't you get? the complex infrastructure known as the female mind
51. Are you happy? usually
52. Why? Cause everyone is entitled to be
53. What's an object you can't live without? my brain
54. Love or lust? Love
55. Silver or gold? Silver
56. Diamond or pearl? Diamond
57. Have you ever gone skinny dipping? if I have, which, thankfully, I haven't, do you really want that mental image?
58. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? isn't that illegal?
59. Do you have any piercings? nope
60. What colour underpants you wearing right now? grey
61. What song are you listening to right now? Lostprophets - Burn Burn
62. What mythical creature would you be? dragon
63. where would you want to go on your honeymoon? wherever my bride would desire
64. Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? someone who can put up with me
65. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Eyes, smile and hair
66. What makes you happy? people
67. Whats the next cd u wanna get? The Editors Album
68. Do you wear contacts or glasses? glasses
69. What's the best advice given to you? Checkout the courses at Ballymoney tech
70. Have you ever won any special awards? a few
71. What are your future goals? To live
72. Worst sickness you've ever had? Dunno
73. Do you like funny or scary movies better? Funny
74. On the phone or in person? person
75. Hugs or kisses: depends who from
76. What song seems to reflect you most? Walking on sunshine
77. If you died tomorrow, who would you leave everything you own to? friends and family
78. Do you have enemies? oh yes
79. What time is it now? Hammer time (14.39)
80. Have you ever been in love? Yes
81. Have you ever met santa? nope
82. If E.T. knocked on your door holding a peace sign, and asked to use the phone, what would you do? Run screaming
83. Last time you talked to the person that you like? I like most people
84. Do you have any pets? a cat, its kittens
85. Whats your favourite word or saying? groovy
86. Last time you were depressed? Last Week
87. Are you an alcoholic? nope. dont drink
88. Whos your closest friend? chazz
89. What do you think of this person? they rock most greatly
90. What are wearing right now? clothes


Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Whedon Forward

Now usually, I don't care for forwards, but this one was written by Joss Whedon (creator of Firefly, Buffy, Angel) so, it must be done!


1) What do you wish you'd invented? (for coolness and/or changing-the-world factor, not the patent. If it was about the patent money, my answer would be "stairs".)

2) Take two movies and meld them into the ultimate movie -- or the weirdest, it's all good. Superman and the borrowers: the worlds strongest superhero, and he's 2 inchs high

3) Very earliest memory. Putting a ghostbusters video into video machine. the opening scene in which the librarian screams. she screams, i scream, run upstairs and fall asleep!

4) Most remarkable thing you've ever eaten. Baked Alaska

5) Hillary Clinton. Does she have a shot? SHOULD she have a shot? American politics = snooze time (unless its a good bit of Bush bashing)

6) Name something about you you have actively changed, or are trying to. The amount of crap i eat. Helped me lose a stone over summer (that, on top of the long working hours and heartbreak)

7) Does Opera matter? Rock opera's, yes

8) Recommend a book. Join Me by Danny Wallace

9) If there ever was a female James Bond, who should play it? There is, and she's called Jennifer Garner :P

10) With the obvious exception of Morgan Freeman's voiceovers, what's the most soothing sound in the world to you? Michael Clarke Duncans voice (cue shouts of "gay!")

11) A time someone surprised you. First time I saw Ewan smoking.

12) Your dumbest childhood fear. People

13) Do you believe humankind is in ascension or decline? decline

14) 10 friends. One week. Anywhere in the world. Where ya bringing us? (notice how I wormed in there? Awesome!) London!

15) If you were actually asked to run your government, would you? I'd try my best

16) What song do you HAVE to dance to? Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the waves

17) Name a mentor. Can't think of one :S

18) Porn. Good, evil, or indifferent? Evil. Ya pervs, lol

19) Are you a procrastinator? If so, what's your usual method? (Answer this when you can get to it.) Wow, i'm terrible for it.

20) Does your life have a purpose? Survival, mainly. That, and looking forward to the next.

Friday, November 11, 2005


(listening to: The Cat Empire - Sly)

Well, today has been far too long. Kelly's class all day. Don't get me wrong, she's a nice person, but there's something in how she talks, that not a word she says gets absorbed.

Later, a couple of people came into the common room, having been at the park getting pissed. One threw up, and was near comatose. Thus, the common room is now shut.

As I had to work 5-9, I had to get the train up to Scallymena. It was packed: joy! Now, just to explain, Savers isn't usually open this late, but every year (I think) for one day, Church Street has a discount day (where its 10 or 20% discount), so the whole street was open, causing us to follow suite.
However, we DON'T take part in this discount thing. Sample conversation:
Me: that's £10 please
customer: are you not doing discount?
Me: sorry, we're not
Customer: but you're on Church Street
Me: uh huh.......


And then there's the musical Santa. How i HATE the musical Santa! It is very loud. It plays a musical medley of Christmas songs (Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is cominng to town, and We wish You a Merry Christmas): IN MONOTONE!!!! ARGH!!!! And oh, it gets better: the medley lasts 30 seconds. This means, in 5 minutes, it willhavev played 10 times: 10 TIMES! Not good when you're tired and hate the commercialisation of Christmas. And my boss was smart enough to use Duracell long life batteries! And it's only a 1/3 of the way through November.............


Thursday, November 10, 2005

My First Blog (or, how to jump on the bandwagon)

(listening to: Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue)

Greetings! As seems to be the fashion among peoples in their late teens to mid-to late twenties, I've decided to start writing my own blog (because, you know, bandwagon jumping is fun, and you all want to read what I have to say.......) So, expect to read about my daily exploits (when I can be bothered) my rants (my opinions, which, obviously, you must agree with) and, being me, expect my Top 5/10 lists (ranging from music to flowers, and all inbetween)

So, first blog: the reason for the picture.

Well, I got my hair cut last week, so thought I'd take a photo (not because I'm vain, but to serve as an msn conversation starter: "hey, look at my new hair!". Actually, yes, it is vanity)

But, as you may have noticed, the mirror in the background is it a very strange angle. This is because the only way I could get the camera to sit was at a slant, thus, I had to slouch in a bizarre fashion that makes me look like I'm standing straight up. Nifty, eh?

So, until I have something more interesting to say, I bid you adieu