Friday, May 23, 2008

Update smupdate

A much needed update:

7th May: Knowing that Elisabeth finished her exams today, I thought I'd make the trip up to Stoke to surprise her (hadn't seen her in a month, and missed her muchly).

At Euston I saw Robert Plant. Now I've seen many "celebrities" around London, and it never phases me, but c'mon: Led Zeppelin! I got his autograph.

We hit Gobble, and it was a good night. Unfortunately, had to come back the next day.

12th May: Last exam done, headed up again for a week this time, which included trips to the park, Iron Man (amazing), Forgetting Sarah Marshall (entertaining, and Russell Brand was actually bearable) and ginormous Tango slushies.

20th May: Back in Chislehurst, and I've lost my keys, crashed on sofa.

21st May: Tried contacting landlord all day about spare key, but to no avail: call locksmith and he drills lock.

22nd May: Meet Alex to find out status of footage from music video shoot: only 2o minutes has been retrieved. Likelihood of it being ready for Rave On Air not looking good at all.

23rd May: After the disappointment of the previous day, I discovered that Runaways is being made into a film, with Brian K. Vaughan writing the script: awesome awesome awesome.

And to add to further geek-outy-ness.

(Mary Elisabeth Winstead)

is playing Her

(Ramona Flowers)


who is playing

in a film directed by him

oh, and Captain America's shield appears in Iron Man.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Charity Shop Treasure!

Went into Bromley earlier to apply for whatever jobs were going (picked up a Waterstones application). Whilst waiting for bus home, I popped into Oxfam, with no intnetion of buying, just killing time, but I made a few finds.

Kevin Smith graphic novels: 99p each!

Eels single: 25p!