Friday, May 23, 2008

Update smupdate

A much needed update:

7th May: Knowing that Elisabeth finished her exams today, I thought I'd make the trip up to Stoke to surprise her (hadn't seen her in a month, and missed her muchly).

At Euston I saw Robert Plant. Now I've seen many "celebrities" around London, and it never phases me, but c'mon: Led Zeppelin! I got his autograph.

We hit Gobble, and it was a good night. Unfortunately, had to come back the next day.

12th May: Last exam done, headed up again for a week this time, which included trips to the park, Iron Man (amazing), Forgetting Sarah Marshall (entertaining, and Russell Brand was actually bearable) and ginormous Tango slushies.

20th May: Back in Chislehurst, and I've lost my keys, crashed on sofa.

21st May: Tried contacting landlord all day about spare key, but to no avail: call locksmith and he drills lock.

22nd May: Meet Alex to find out status of footage from music video shoot: only 2o minutes has been retrieved. Likelihood of it being ready for Rave On Air not looking good at all.

23rd May: After the disappointment of the previous day, I discovered that Runaways is being made into a film, with Brian K. Vaughan writing the script: awesome awesome awesome.

And to add to further geek-outy-ness.

(Mary Elisabeth Winstead)

is playing Her

(Ramona Flowers)


who is playing

in a film directed by him

oh, and Captain America's shield appears in Iron Man.


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