Thursday, January 18, 2007

Back to Uni/Up to Stoke!!!!!

After a day of travelling, I returned to uni on Saturday 13th at around 9pm. Starving, and suffering form an empty fridge, I ordered a pizza and fell asleep. The next couple of days a a bit of a haze. Apart from this pic.


Having looked at my timetable last week, I saw that I had Wednesday and Thursday off. I was going to see Lize on Thursday night anyway, but, I had the chance, so I took it and got a train up to see her on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, the girls went house hunting for next year. Having looked at a few properties, they decided very quickly which to go for. Deposits paid, the girls have successfully reserved accommodation for the next two years. Lize is sharing with Shell and Raj: cool.

To celebrate the girls decided to hit gobble. Still exhausted from what seemed non stop travel, I stayed in, to get a little sleep.

A few hours later, Lize returned, and cuddled and cried for a while (drink=evil). Then, shot up when she heard Raj and Shell return.

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