Thursday, December 01, 2005

All That Jazz

(listening to: The Cat Empire - Miserere)

Jazz: I loves it!

Its true, though not a lot of people know it. Where did this love come from? I honestly have no idea. (maybe from my days of playing the trumpet)

I listen to many different genres of music, but nothing comes close to how great jazz is. Theres happy jazz, sad jazz, spiritual jazz, mournfull jazz, dancing jazz, chilling jazz, party jazz, relaxing jazz: it's all great!

Now for the confession: I own no jazz CD's!

I know this seems strange (And believe me, it is) I mean, I have a LOT f CD's (i do, not trying to sound big or anything, its just a fact, i like music, i buy cd's) but I own no Jazz. And the reason is, I just don't know what to buy! I like Jazz in every form! For a while, i'd forgotten about jazz (pretty much coming out of a punk phase. like I said, I listen to all sorts of music)

There aren't really many modern Jazz groups. BUT, there is an awesome one: The Cat Empire.

A friend at work (Lorraine, awesome individual) lent me their album, and I fell in love straight away(with the CD, not her!). Great happy jazz mixed with a little bit of reggae. Pure brilliance. You can dance, you can chill. You'll laugh, you'll cry! This album has made me want to go out searching jazz again (at long last, I may build up a collection)

So, check them out, and dance!


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