Friday, December 23, 2005


Music. I love it. Probably a little too much.

You know what annoys me? With all the many different styles of music out there, that some people tend to claim a genre, and refuse to listen to anything but it, labelling all other genres crap.
Case in point: My brother recently left Man OverBored. On the message board, he’s received some less than civil comments. He has been accused of being “Emo”, and several posters have been saying that emo is crap. Here is my statement:

It is in your opinion that emo sucks, but that doesn't necessarily make it true. Why the hell are so many of you so narrow minded?

"ug... if it's not punk, it's crap!"

Grow up.

And Ethan (who can speak for himself, though i'll say this for him) has not "turned emo" (in fact, he's been listening to it since before he joined MOB). Just because he likes emo music, does not make him "emo". He listens to metal, punk, rock, emo, even a little bit of techno. Does this make him a metalhead? A Punk? a Rocker? no. So why does listening to emo make him "emo"?

Look at the Clash for example. One of the original punk bands. Their sound changed greatly over the years, Joe Strummers solo stuff even a little folky sounding.

And Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong! He's written songs with Head Automatica (who have a kind of disco sound). His side project Transplants involves some hip hop and rap. He even wrote songs for Pink. the pop star!

Now i'm not saying Ethan is on the same level as Strummer or Armstrong, but this people, who for some are idols, did not stick with one kind of music, and its ok. Yet, some people can't get past the fact that Ethan likes emo? Grow up!

Or can u not handle music with more than three chords?

Now personally, I can listen to just about anything. I do have my preferred genres, but i'm not going to rain napalm on any other genre! I listen to punk, and know that it is more than just three chords. That is the point that I am trying to make: people tend to judge a genre just on one band or artist, or the stereotypes associated with the genre.

I also like pop music. Thats right, pop music! Hell, even some manufactured stuff! (Girls Aloud, for example, I think are a great pop band) Busted are another guilty pleasure (Thunderbirds are go has to be one of the best pop songs ever written.)

And the emo thing. I have liked emo bands like Taking Back Sunday and The Used since before emo became "cool" (or socially unacceptable, however you see it). I have no problem with emo music, or people who listen to it. Yes, I like taking the mic out of it, but thats mainly because I see the absurdity of the fashion that it has become.

One thing that annoys me more than narrow minded people, is those that conform to fit in.

Case in point: I went to a concert recently ( I won't say who, to protect the innocent). A week before it, some one claimed to hate the band. Which is fair enough. But, they went to the concert. And now claimed that they always liked them.

Whats the point in that? If you like a band, like them! Don't give a damn what anyone thinks!

Case in point 2: simirlarly, A friend and I spoke of a band that we liked, but others did not. The same person said they hated them. When the others wern't around, the person admitted that they did in fact like the band.


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