Saturday, February 23, 2008

East Grafton

With a few days off this week, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to visit my Grandad, aunt and cousin.

Always loved what Gale has done with the house.

Lexi, the whippet. Quiet as a mouse, but hyper as a kid who's drank too much coke!

The Village Green (Preservation Society)

The stump which Joe is sitting on used to be the base of a gigantic tree, which for some reason will always remind me of the Roswell Alien Autopsy.

The house of a family friend which burnt down a couple of years ago. We stayed in it one year, and had a great pool in the back garden.

In the centre of this picture, you'll see a bit of dip in the green. I remember water gathering at the bottom when i was young, and it almost looked like a mini pond. I also remember a photo of either me or Ethan face down in the water. At least, I *think* I do. Weird.

We once went to a midnight Christmas service here. Looked beautiful when candle lit.

My Grandad keeps bee's, and makes honey. Roll on next batch!

Where the bee's are kept. Fact: my aunt and cousin are allergic to bee's.

The front of the house which used to be the village post office.

The path to the house has bits of old ceramics sunk into the cement. Alwasy thought that was cool.

The entrance to the "Secret Garden"

Where on a summers night, many years ago, around a fire, I first heard Automatic for the People.

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