Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valen Times

Yes, we all know its a day made up by card companies to make money, but what sane person (more importantly: those in a relationship) wouldn't celebrate it??

Well, February 14th rolled by again, and I did indeed celebrate it well with Elisabeth. I'm terrible at keeping secrets, and the gift I got her I had wanted to give her for the longest time since I found it. A little back story..........

When walking along the Stoke canal, Elisabeth told me of a book she used to love as a child, but due to leaving it her Wendy House, it got wet, ruined, and had to be thrown out. She could remember every detail, but for some reason, not the title. After this, I made it my mission to find it!

Armed with the description, I tried my best to search on amazon for books about Doll's and houses. As you can imagine, the list was pretty long. So, in a desperate attempt at solving the mystery of the title, I turned to the BKV message board. Thankfully, Kedd was able to tell me the name of the book. (I am now forever in his debt, and our first born will be named accordingly)

So, title solved, now to find it! A trip round London's bookstores yielded nothing but dead ends, and the news that book was out of print.

Undeterred, I turned to the internet once again, and finally found the book on Playtrade, second hand. And the rest is history.

She liked it very much, by the way.

Elisabeth's gift to me was a very special one. Last year, following a viewing of Science of Sleep, I heard that there was a competition to make a short film on the theme of dreams. My creative juices flowing after watching said brilliant film, I had the idea for a poem that would tell the story of a dream...........I'll spare you the details for now. Anyway, I didn't have it finished in time for the competition, so left it.


Over the last few months Lize had been working on an illustrated version of the poem, and gave it to me. It's beautiful. She is such a talented artist!

So, I hope everyone else had a loved up day, and if not, you have about 360 days to make sure you do next year :)

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