Saturday, February 02, 2008

Birthday Party/Family Over

The Internets a funny old thing: for all the horror stories you hear of meeting up with people, its nice to know that there are genuine people out there: for example, I met Elisabeth through Bebo, and look where we are now :D

Another great occurrence was the meeting of May and my mum. I know the two have become very good friends over the last year, and i'd like to say thank you to May, JJ and Martin for being such amazing people, and being there for me in January when I was feeling really low.

Getting to the point and past the schmaltz, the night before, my family came over, with Ryan and Sean, and we saw Their Strange Gathering play a gig (check them out). Tonight we were at Mays for my birthday celebrations. First off, thanks dad for the camera

We had a curry: twas delicious.

Meet Tigger: 18 years young!

Thanks to all for a great night, and apologies if i seemed at all distracted: see the previous 3 blogs for my excuse :P

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