Sunday, March 02, 2008

Walk Along the Canal

After working nearly all week, Elisabeth finally had some free time, and we went for a walk along the Stoke canal.

Everyone thinks they're such sweet little things.
Every duck we saw was with a partner: it was sweet.

One of the reasons I love walking along the canal is to see the old buildings.

Part of the canal path was getting work done, so we had to be diverted, which led us to a part of Stoke that was like a ghost town: streets of houses completly boarded up.

The sign which caused the argument over how far we had walked (I still think I was right!)

We came across this old abandoned railway track, where we sat to eat our sandwiches. Next time, we'll see where it leads!

Isn't she prettyful?

A duck couple, with the mail-order bride.

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