Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January Concert Trilogy: Part 2

Today was a good day indeed: after having not seen her for nearly a month, Elisabeth came down :D I missed her loads.

Thankfully, I was not deafened by the previous nights gig, as we headed to the Astoria for Explosions in the Sky. We arrived pretty early, but unfortunately, they didn't have any shirts left in my size. Oh well!

About 2o minutes after arriving JJ arrived, looking quite like a grifter! Before long the support act came on, and started out promising, but soon became an unbearable noise, at which point we headed upstairs to see Martin, but rather than wade through the crowd, we just stood at the side for a while, and briefly chatted to Jo. (at some point in the proceedings JJ produced a can of Guinness from his pocket, which he had managed to smuggle in!)

Explosions took to the stage at about 9, and after a brief introduction, they picked up their instruments and began making beautiful music. (I'd like to point out at this stage that I am fairly new to Explosions: I only know about 4 tracks, and when there are no lyrics, its often difficult to tell where one piece ends and the other starts, but this didn't affect the aural bliss that was taking place)

After approximately an hour and a half, they finished, said thanks, and left stage. It was brilliant! (Though i feel that they would be better appreciated by an audience sat in armchairs, sofas and bean bags, relaxing) My only slight slight slight disappointment of the night was the fact they didn't play Your Hand in Mine.

Post gig, we headed to McDonalds across the road and treated ourselves to cheeseburgers, then headed towards Charing Cross for the train, passing Martin, who was earnestly handing out flyers for the upcoming Codes in the Clouds gig. As we arrived, noticed a Mickey D's right next to it) At this point, we said bye to JJ, and headed home, smiles on our faces, and warm hearts.

Two Down, one to go!

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