Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The January Concert Trilogy: Day 1

My most recent concert (not counting E's book alunch) was Last year's Tennet's Vital, so its safe to say I've been getting some withdrawl symptoms.

Thus, for some insane reason, this week I'll be going to 3 in 3 nights! First, a trip to the O2....

(I had never been to the O2 before, and whilst huge, it seemed smaller in person)

Riaz (mate from Ravensbourne) told me last week he had a spare ticket for Linkin Park's 2nd sold out performance at the 02, and was wondering if i'd be interested. To be honest, I couldn't really afford it, but, as its a band I've been a fan of for quite a while, and when would I get a chance to see them again?

When we got to the actual arena, it was MASSIVE! (for those back home in Norn Iron, about the size of the Odyseey, but seating going higher.)

Biffy Clyro were the support, and, as brilliant as their set was, I still can't understand how he plays the guitar when its so close to his neck!

During the interval, I bought some chips: £2.70 – rip off!

After a short wait (or, so it seemed: we had seats, and were front row, with a pretty decent view) the lights faded, and the intro to No More Sorrow began, with the curtain dropping with the band on stage. The Set continues with the heavier songs from Hybrid Theory and Meteora (with a performance of Given Up being filmed for a music video).

Following Points of Authority, the mood becomes more relaxed as the keyboard is brought out and they launch into Leave Out All the Rest.
After the relaxed section, things kick off again with Bleed it Out which goes on for about 10 minutes, with drum solo inbetween, before exited stage.

They soon returned to stage for a 2 song encore of What I've Done and One Step Closer.

And just when we thought it was over, they return to play Faint (my favourite LP song) to close.

A good night indeed, which I will get to relive again and again, as they recorded the show for download!

(thank again to Riaz for the ticket!)

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