Friday, January 18, 2008

Biff! Pow! Kersplat!

Cameron (home slice from Dalriada days) is over in London visiting his brother in Camden, so we met up for a catch up. As with any friend who comes over to London, I took him to Ed's Diner for some eats. (i highly recommend everyone try a malt. It's a milkshake, but so much better!)

After a might fine meal (and being abandoned for about 10 minutes mid-meal so he could find his brother) we headed towards to Shaftsbury avenue, and I introduced them both to Fopp.

The ridiculously cheap prices made be succumb to buying 2 DVD's that I don't really need. But, as they came to the grand total £6, I can't really complain.

A cinematic masterpiece, Batman isn't (Bat Shark Repellent, anyone?) But at this price, I couldn't refuse, and with THAT free gift, I'd be insane to say no!

(and I've come to the conclusion that my mobile phone camera leaves much to be desired)

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