Sunday, April 20, 2008

Coursework/Music Video

Currently swamped in coursework, so forgive the lack of updates (all none of you reading this). I'm not that consistent with keeping my blog, and I'm even worse at doing so with coursework logs, so, obviously, if I combine the two, it'll work, right?

Last Friday, we went to B&Q to ask if we could use their car park as a location for the video, and were told we'd need to contact Head Office and Bexley Council to get permission. Henna volunteered to do the paperwork.


Thursday we met to scout further locations. I'd looked online the last 2 days (With the help of Google Earth) for suitable locations. I had narrowed it down to a Football club in Bromley, and a Health Club towards Mottingham.

Football club

Health Club

First, we headed to the football club, but on the way found the car park to a set of pitches owned by the council, so we made a note of the contact details.

Upon arriving at the football club, we discovered the car park actually belonged to Cannons Health Club. (which Henna then remembered she was a member of!) We went to reception, and enquired about using it, and were told my reception staff that it should be OK, but we'd have to contact the manager. So, we left are card, and were told to expect a call on Friday afternoon.

Springs in our step, we headed to the other club, which, surprise surprise, Henna used to belong to! We decided that the car park wasn't as ideal as we first thought, but kept it in mind.


We agreed to meet at my flat as it was close enough to the college should we have to go in to get paperwork signed, and was a bit more relaxed than the hot stuffy "L" rooms of college. At 10.30am Henna and Alex arrived as planned, but with some distressing news: none of the kit would be available!

So, yeah, things looked like they were about to turn to 5H17.

We had two options: see if the band could change the flights, or hire equipment from outside the college.

I rang Ethan straight away and he said to change the name on a ticket cost £50 alone, so that option wasn't feasible. Also, it was too close to A Levels.

So, with the only option left, we started looking at companies online.

After spending all day looking and debating, we decided on a company, and chose to go an HD camera, which meant filming onto a hard drive, as opposed to DV tape.

Good news came in the form of Cannons: we were allowed to use the car park! The only condition was that we donate some money to Cancer Research, which we were more than happy to do.

Craig, you are my new best friend.

Speaking of Craig's, 2nd year BMT student Craig was kind enough to lend us his bass amp for the shoot. Craig, you are second new best friend.


So that brings us up to date. I'm currently working on a shot list for the video, so wish me luck!

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