Friday, February 02, 2007

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Just saw the Shins!


So, Lize decided to miss her morning train and option for an evening train instead (!!!!!!) So, being the gentleman I am (?), I escorted her to Euston station. Whilst she perused the items on sale at Paper Chase, likewise, I perused the compact discs at Impulse. Upon perusal (i don't know why I keep using this word) I noticed that the new Alkaline Trio CD/DVD remains was out.

Being the scab I am, I decided to see the price of it in HMV and Virgin first, before buying it.

HMV £9.95

Virgin £9.99

So, armed with the knowledge that HMV was 4p cheaper, I headed out of the Virgin Megastore in Piccadilly via the basement exit (not a big fan of having to get across the traffic) when I spotted a poster advertising a wristband only event. This event was the Shins playing an instore show to promote their new album Wincing the Night Away.

Free gig? Sure! The only snag was that it was first come first served, and the album had to be purchased at the Oxford Street store. The hour was getting late, and I didn't know where Oxford Street was! So, after a bit of hunting, I finally discovered it. Luckily, the store was still open, and i picked up the album and wristband without any hassle.

Roll on Thursday!

I arrived at Virgin at about 4.30pm (following the fastest edit I've ever done) and took my place in the crowd. Come 5.15pm, they were on stage, emerging to the intro to. After monitor failure, they had to skip, and went straight into Australia instead.

After a 30 minute set, they were finished. Have to say, I was very impressed. (and thankful they played songs mainly off the new album).

Following the set, they did a signing session which lasted nearly ¾ of an hour. Fair play to them for not getting cramps!

That night I searched and found out they re playing a show at the end of the month in London. Tickets are currently selling on eBay for up to £90!

Oh, and I STILL haven't bought the Alkaline Trio CD

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