Sunday, April 02, 2006

Negative Creep

(listening to: The Clash - London Calling)

As soon as the opening chords come in, you can't help but tap your feet. As soon as the drums come in, I dare you to stay seated. You may try to deny it's greatness (I have), you may say, it's not their best song, that’s it's overplayed, but at the end of the day, Smells Like Teen Spirit is a damn good track.

I first was introduced to Nirvana in P7 (when I was a bout 10). I'd heard about them through some pen pal thing that the school tried to organize with a school somewhere in Europe (know idea where exactly, but it's not important). A lot of the kids mentioned this band called Nirvana.

During a phone call to my aunt, I mentioned this band, and she told me a little about them (again, memory hazy, it was about 8 years ago). Soon after, in the post, arrived a copy of Nevermind on cassette.

I put it in the hi fi, and never made it past the brilliant opening track. I just played it over and over, it blew me away! But for a while, that was it.

A few years later, I gave away the cassette (which, in retrospect, I REALLY shouldn’t have done.)

When I got to secondary school, for the first couple of years, everyone seemed to be all into Nirvana. Ever since P7, I’ve always liked the band, but hated the hype surrounding them. I would be one of those people that would say “he’s dead, get over it” in regards to people’s praise of Kurt Cobain. The fans ruined it for me. The band was talented, but I think overrated (in comparison to other bands of the time: Alice in Chains? Pearl Jam? SMASHING PUMPKINS????)

Also, The Kurt Cobain Journal. I haven’t read it, and I don’t intend to. The Kurt Cobain action figure? I bet he’s spinning in his grave.

Fans seem to ruin bands for me. I like My Chemical Romance, but hate the fanbase. They think that using the red and black outfit/make up image is cool and new. Newsflash: check out Machina-era Billy Corgan.

(Gerard Way has said that The Smashing Pumpkins is one of his favorite bands: go figure)

Green Day: Always been a fan, but when American Idiot was released, then came the new batch of fans: “I can’t wait for their second album!”. “They’re totally punk!”


“They’re totally punk!”


I personally thought American Idiot was a great album, though severely overplayed. And Green Day, are not punk. Maybe once punk rock, but not anymore.

And its looking like once again, I am going to hate a new band, though talented, because of the hype that surrounds them:

Fall Out Boy

Dance Dance, Sugar, we’re Going Down: awesome pop songs.

Punk? Hell no. This is punk:

Once again, I’ve digressed so much I’ve forgotten the point of this post (or have I?)


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