Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm Going Crazy

(listening to: A7X - Bat Country)

2 forwards in a week that I don't hate? Must be something in the water.....

choose a band / artist & answer ONLY in titles of their songs…Smashing Pumpkins

are you male or female spaceboy

describe yourself bullet with butterfly wings

how do people feel about you? rock on

how do you feel about yourself? i am one

ex boyfriends / girlfriend ? my mistake

current boyfriend / girlfriend / crush? beautiful

describe where you want to be? in the arms of sleep

describe how you live by starlight

what would you ask for if you had just one wish? my one and only

share a few words of Wisdom Jesus is the sun

any general advice speed kills

share a favourite pickup line let me give the world to you

and if that one doesn't work hello kitty kat

what secondary school do / did you attend untitled

pepsi / coke cherry

any pets Bugg Superstar

favourite food Jellybelly

do you drink zero

how are you feeling right now frail and bedazzled

say goodbye farewell and goodnight


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