Monday, February 13, 2006

Say cheese!

(listening to: Brand New - Quiet things that no one knows)

So, today started just like any other (well that's a lie: parents are in Barcelona), so I'm "in charge" (another lie: Ryan is keeping an eye on us). Slept in, wasn't meeting Katie as planned, missed first bus, remembered I had to make own lunch, missed 2nd bus etc.

So, I was in a less than happy mood. And I had orthodontist. Wasn't looking forward to this as I had broken a bit of my braces (which usually incurs the wrath of Mr Tan)

So, when I got there, I showed him the broken bit of my braces, and he began inspecting my teeth (which, at first I thought was a search for traces of sweets: the archenemy of braces).

"how do you feel about your teeth?"

"they've come on a long way"

"Good: I'm removing your braces"


And that he did.


He had to give me a set of gum-shield type things which I have to wear so my teeth don't relapse. (as shown above)

How hard can it be?


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