Thursday, March 08, 2007

London Calling

Today I had decided that I was going to head into London today to have a walk. Had spoken to Lize about it the night before, and arranged that she would ring me to wake me up at 9, in the hopes that I would set off at 10. I set off at 11.30.

After last weeks rain, I was a little skeptic about going out again having gotten soaked last time. But, to my joy, when I opened the curtains I was greeted with a blue sky with not a cloud in sight. Huzzah!

Emerging from Charing Cross station I look straight across and see Nelson. But more of that later.


A quick trip across the bridge. Thought I should take the scenic route to get to Nelson. This involved walking over the Thames and back.

The London Eye

Comic Relief is next Friday, and as you can see, even the Eye has a Red Nose (after all, this years theme is "The Big One")

Generic human statue #1

Artsy pic of the eye

Even the sodding trees have noses!

I continued along the embankment and discovered a Namco arcade. With the 3 10 pence pieces I had in my pocket, I tried my luck at the machine. You know the kind I mean? Where you have the push the 10p's over the edge? No? Well anyway, it wasn't until I had put in my 3rd 10 pence that it paid out in tickets, not cash. Dammit.


Over the other bridge and up to Houses of Parliament.

(the clock that holds inside it) Big Ben.

As I headed back towards Trafalgar, I finally found out where Downing Street was. It looks better on telly.



Nelson again

People chilling at the fountain

A statue on the fountain. After walking past this I has lightly sprayed by a mist of water. Twas lovely.


I decided to count how many different branches of a certain eatery I could find on my travels. Today I chose Subway. Here is outlet number 1.

The rather relaxed Leicester Square.


That was nice, wasn't it?



It's not Eros.


Subway number 2


Number 3


Number 4

Centre Point


Number 5!

and just round the corner.....

Number 6! Outside this one, I was given a coupon for a free drink when I purchased a sub. Given my scabby nature, how could I say no?

By this stage I was getting a little tired and hungry. So, I headed to you do (to get a delicious donot which I am sure to have earned from all this walking!)

As no photos are allowed on the underground, i'll see you on the other side!

Had to sneakily use my camera phone for this! Heroes! Brilliant series! Watch it!

Just so you have an idea of where i'm headed


Camden Market: buy your knock off yet cool T-shirts here!

Look kids! Comics!. You can Just about make out the Watchmen smiley face in the window (it's a great book, ignore Lize :P) Though instead of a bloodstain, there i a white stain. Dread to think.....
Anyways, I stopped by to purchase a certain comic in which a certain hero very certainly dies this week! Was it sad? Certainly! Also, I picked up Dynamo 5, the new ongoing by Jay Faebrer. Pretty cool premise, and I can't wait to see how it all pans out.

The famous Camden Lock! Next time i'll take pictures of all the stalls that are located herein. To my dismay, the donot stand was not present! I was distraught, but luckily, I had lunch to look forward too. Can you guess where?

Subway number 7! And my lunch stop! Inside i ordered the usual Meatball Marinara with hearty Italian bread (and BBQ sauce). Tried using the free drink card i received at TCR, but was told it was branch specific. Though, I got the drink anyway. Must have been my looks.

The drink in question! Huzzah!

After making my way back through the market (and fighting the temptation to buy a German army shirt) I headed back home.

I emerged from Leicester Square tube station in the hope of nabbing a copy of London Lite. But, no, not a copy to be had. On walking back to Charing Cross I spotted Richard Bacon. I should so be paparazzi.

When I finally got home, I plotted out my journey on Google Earth (sad, I know) and discovered all in all I had walked about 7 miles today.

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