Friday, January 06, 2006

You probably think this song is about you.......

(listening to: Paul Westerberg - Dyslexic Heart)

Let me start of by saying, I am in no way vain. (hard to believe when I have a photo of myself as the first thing in the blog). I have been known to take some photos of myself, but this is not out of vanity, but mainly because I don't think I am that good looking, thus I'm looking for the best photograph of me (ok, maybe a little bit vain then)

So, anyway, I got a digital camera for Christmas and thought, hey, why not use myself as the test subject for the first picture? So, having just got back from grandparents house, I decided to take the photo. The result, is what you can see above.

Satisfied with it, I decided to use it as my bebo and msn display picture. Suddenly, to my surprise, a lot more people start adding/chatting to me. Coincidence? Probably not. They just want me for my good looks! (sarcasm kids)


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